Vestly™ is a fun stock market game where you can win real cash and compete against friends.

  1. We do want people to build a portfolio of no less than 3 stocks like they would in the real world. So, in the background, we are keeping track of how much “investment capital” you have. This is how that investment capital works:
    Everyone starts with the same amount.
  2. Those with the most points for the week will win the prize money. You’re awarded 100 points for every 1% move in your portfolio value. In other words, if you pick 3 stocks each costing $200 and all three go up to $202, that is a portfolio increase of 1% and you will get 100 points.
  3. You can choose to bank those points by selling, or if you like the stock for the long term, just keep watching as your points go up.
  4. You also get one ticket after buying your third stock. Hit the white ticket in the top right corner of the app to “Tell Us About Yourself”, answer all six questions and you get another ticket! On that page you will see other ways to earn tickets, including Group Challenges where you create your own groups to see how well you can do vs your friends.
  5. Believe it or not, you know a lot more about the stock market than you think. You know the companies that have the best products, the best services, the latest fashion, the hottest technology, the best food, what companies have a line out the door, the best run companies in the industry that you work in, etc. Those are the companies you should probably be buying in Vestly™ because they’re the ones likely to go up over time. When you no longer think it’s a good company then sell. We make it very easy for you – you don’t need to think about shares, stock prices, amount of money, or any of that stuff. Just hit the buy button or the sell button! If you get it right, just watch how your points rack up through the week!!
    How your investment capital is used 
    When Buying Stocks: If you don’t have any stocks then 1/3 of your investment capital is used to buy your first stock.
    b. If you own 1 stock then 1/2 of your remaining investment capital is used to buy your next stock.
    c. If you own 2 stocks then all of your remaining investment capital is used to buy your next stock.
    d. If you own 3 or more stocks then you are “fully invested”. You can buy another stock but, since you have no remaining investment capital, equal amounts of the stocks you currently hold will be sold automatically to fund the purchase of that stock.
    When Selling Stocks
    a. If you own 1, 2, or 3 stocks and want to sell a stock then the proceeds from that goes back to unused investment capital.
    b. If you own more than 3 stocks and want to sell a stock then the proceeds from that sale are automatically used to buy more of the stocks you already own at the prevailing market price.
  6. If your stock receives a dividend during the contest period then it gets automatically reinvested in that stock on the opening price of the day it goes “ex-dividend”. If there is a split, merger, or other “corporate action” affecting your stock it will be automatically accounted for in your account.
  7. If you buy or sell a stock after the market closes, it is executed at the opening price of the next business day. (Sometimes stocks don’t have an opening price for a while after the market opens so don’t expect to see your transaction until 10am).
  8. Buys are executed at the prevailing Ask price and Sells are completed at the prevailing Bid Price.
  9. Stock prices used in the game are based on delayed data but all of your buys and sells are done as close to the real-time price on the NASDAQ or NYSE as possible. You simply won’t see it being reported for about 20 minutes after your trade.
  10. If you don’t do well this week: don’t worry. There’s always next week and we will even carry your stock picks over from the previous contest to make it easy for you. We’ll just automatically buy those stocks in equal proportions at the opening price of the next week for you. Since it’s a new contest period, you’ll see that the bought price of the stock is reset to the opening price of the new week.
  11. You can play, but you can’t win prizes or prevent others from winning prizes if you’re an employee or relative of any employee of Intelligration LLC or any subsidiaries.
  12. At our discretion, we can disqualify any player if they are suspected of manipulating the game, creating fake accounts, trading on inside information or other inappropriate behavior.
  13. You must be 18 to play Vestly.
  14. If you win, you must complete the payout form before getting sent a payment. If you don’t fill out the form within a specified time you will lose your claim. The name you provide on the payout form must be your legal name and you must provide your current mailing address as well as an email address that you check regularly in order to receive important information about your winnings. Again, duplicate accounts are prohibited and you’ll be permanently disqualified from playing.
  15. You must have accepted all of the terms and conditions, these rules, and the privacy policy to play the game and participate in the contest.